QUESTION: How to care for my lashes? 

ANSWER:  Care: Be sure to always gently remove your lashes from their case, with tweezers to avoid accidentally pulling out fur. Never soak or use water and/ or makeup remover on your lashes as they can lose their form and lack shape or become completely ruined. 

Tip: Remove remnants of lash adhesive from the lash band following every use.

QUESTION: Will my lashes shed? 

ANSWER:  Shedding: our lashes are handmade, you may experience minimal shedding as they are sourced from authentic fur. Same as you would experience with your own hair. 

QUESTION: Are mink lashes Hypoallergenic? 

ANSWER:  Our fur is sterilized and free of any chemical processing. 

QUESTION: Are your products Cruelty Free? 

ANSWER:  There is no mistreatment of any kind to minks while creating our products. Mink fur is sourced during the animals natural shedding season. 

QUESTION: Shipping?

ANSWER:  Currently deClux ships within the U.S and abroad . International orders must be approved , please contact us directly. All orders are shipped via USPS and will Require signature. Orders will be processed 1-3 business days after your order has been placed. You will receive USPS tracking number and delivery confirmation after processing. Allow 3-8 business days for shipment (excluding holidays). International orders may take up to 15+ days depending on country .

deClux is not liable for lost deliveries due to incorrect shipping information entered by client, be sure to check for accuracy. 


ANSWER: deClux will gladly exchange any products which are damaged. MUST be in original packaging and have not been removed from lash tray. Item can be exchanged for replacement of the original item that you ordered, within 10 days. 

QUESTION: DO YOU offer Refunds?

ANSWER: deClux strives to make certain you are completely elated with your purchase. We do not offer Refunds. However we care, and do make case by case exceptions, if we do not meet your expectations.

QUESTION: Does deClux have Pro Discount Program ? 

ANSWER: Yes, we offer discounts to Industry Professionals please email us directly for requirements/application.